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About | D-Block Projects


What is D-Block?

A. The prison cells dedicated to solitary confinement in the famous Alcatraz penitentiary.
B. Portion of the periodic table which contains the element groups 3-12.
C. A new art project space in Long Beach, California.

If you answered “C” you would be correct!

D-Block is a new experimental project space supporting both artists and curators. We welcome proposals for exhibitions that challenge traditional gallery/museum art presentation. D-Block is not a traditional “white cube” gallery but is instead broken into a dual space with both concrete and dirt floors. The material makeup of the exposed dirt foundation and concrete floor creates a dichotomy of materials and states of construction that allows for alternative exhibition practices and interrogations of space.

While D-Block cannot fund projects financially we can provide an exhibition space for your ideas and support your project in non-monetary ways. D-Block’s current exhibition space at 218 N Promenade was generously provided by Phantom Galleries Long Beach.

Visiting D-Block? Please refer to our Contact page.