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What happened to D-Block?

D-Block has moved out of the downtown Long Beach location. However, the organization will still exist for future projects – both virtual and physical. In the meantime, check out what D-Block organizers and producers are doing:

Co-director Ed Gomez is hard at work with Mexicali Biennial.

Co-director Jeff Chabot is now Director/Curator at Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ.

Foundation for Art Resources (FAR) has a new board and is gearing up for more programming.

Open Document: 1st meeting footage

Here are some clips from the 1st meeting of Open Document. Click on the still image or view the Open Document Playlist on YouTube. Participating artists include: Janice Gomez, Fatima Hoang, Tucker Neel, Chris Oatey, Jenny Yurshansky, JEFF&GORDON (Jeff Foye, Gordon Winiemko)

Web Documentation
Open Document on YouTube

Speculative Materialism: Abstract Art and Its Conditions

This survey of seventeen abstract artists looks at how abstraction has become a speculative practice in the wake of postmodernism. At the level of form many of the artists included in this show mix different mediums, participate with site-specific concerns and embrace an aesthetic that doesn’t view the architectonic and the organic as mutually exclusive. … Continue Reading

S.O.S. travels to monOrchid in Phoenix, AZ

S.O.S. (Save Our States) is on its way to Phoenix, Arizona for the opening on Friday, April 1 at monOrchid. The exhibition will be part of the “First Friday” art walk, a monthly event which invites visitors to explore new exhibitions, artist studios, and events in the Downtown Phoenix area. S.O.S. is a joint collaboration between D-Block Projects, Mexicali Biennial and Phantom Galleries, with grants from the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund, F.A.R. (Foundation for Art Resources), and Arts Council Long Beach.

Here’s more info on monOrchid.
Read the S.O.S. press release for more information.


S.O.S. exhibition

D-Block Gallery
March 5 – 26
Reception March 12, 6-9 pm

S.O.S. is a group traveling art exhibition showcasing artists from the states of Arizona and California programmed for display in the downtown areas of Long Beach, CA and Phoenix, AZ.  Fostering a relationship between neighboring states whose recent political disagreements stemming from legislation of Prop 1070, the exhibition seeks to explore the issues of personal and political identity, citizenship and the effects of media.

S.O.S. exhibition catalogue

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

… Continue Reading

D-Block at the Collective Show

D-Block took part in the Collective Show up in Chinatown, Los Angeles. For the exhibition, we installed an extension of our current show “Open Storage” which consisted of stored artwork in boxes, tubes and DVD mailers. Check out the pic below or jump to some photos of the opening event.