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FAIL/SAFE | D-Block Projects



A fail-safe is mechanism or element of a system that is designed to activate during a failure so as to avoid harm or minimize a negative consequence. The manifestations of such can be physical, psychological, mechanical, electrical and strategic within a practical real world application. The premise of the show is an exploration into the fail-safe concept as an integral component of narrative, either being personified as a particular character, exemplified in a prop, or postulated as an impetus for the creation of a character, i.e. “fail-safe” as allegory.

The exhibition FAIL/SAFE is an interdisciplinary interrogation of the mechanisms and implementations of various forms of fail-safes. The work selected ranges from art that looks at the fail-safe as an idea formed by threats either real or imagined and the filtering of these outlooks via the media, political, and religious perspectives.

FAIL/SAFE will present work in several different mediums including sculpture, installation, drawing, photography and video. Three artists have already committed work to the FAIL/SAFE project including Saúl Álvarez, Jeff Chabot, and Ed Gomez. Artists are encouraged to submit work for the upcoming exhibition FAIL/SAFE. Please email links/images to “submit at dblockprojects dot com” by Jan. 1, 2011.