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FAR | D-Block Projects

What happened to D-Block?

D-Block has moved out of the downtown Long Beach location. However, the organization will still exist for future projects – both virtual and physical. In the meantime, check out what D-Block organizers and producers are doing:

Co-director Ed Gomez is hard at work with Mexicali Biennial.

Co-director Jeff Chabot is now Director/Curator at Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ.

Foundation for Art Resources (FAR) has a new board and is gearing up for more programming.

S.O.S. travels to monOrchid in Phoenix, AZ

S.O.S. (Save Our States) is on its way to Phoenix, Arizona for the opening on Friday, April 1 at monOrchid. The exhibition will be part of the “First Friday” art walk, a monthly event which invites visitors to explore new exhibitions, artist studios, and events in the Downtown Phoenix area. S.O.S. is a joint collaboration between D-Block Projects, Mexicali Biennial and Phantom Galleries, with grants from the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund, F.A.R. (Foundation for Art Resources), and Arts Council Long Beach.

Here’s more info on monOrchid.
Read the S.O.S. press release for more information.