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Allison Alford: Moving in the Technium

Los Angeles-based artist Allison Alford will present work in, Moving in the Technium, a solo show consisting of installation, video and performance opening April 9th at D-Block Projects, Long Beach, CA. In her work, Alford looks at human interactions with digital interfaces out of a curiosity of what happens within the human body while engaging a virtual environment. Body movements from rituals such as martial arts, dance, and bird mating are integrated with the use of iPhone apps, laptop touch pads, Microsoft’s Kinect and Nintendo’s Wii Console. Within these interactions, Alford uses gestures to articulate the multi-faceted relationship between humans and digital devices, and explores the potential for presence and intimacy as mediated by technology. Read Press Release

S.O.S. travels to monOrchid in Phoenix, AZ

S.O.S. (Save Our States) is on its way to Phoenix, Arizona for the opening on Friday, April 1 at monOrchid. The exhibition will be part of the “First Friday” art walk, a monthly event which invites visitors to explore new exhibitions, artist studios, and events in the Downtown Phoenix area. S.O.S. is a joint collaboration between D-Block Projects, Mexicali Biennial and Phantom Galleries, with grants from the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund, F.A.R. (Foundation for Art Resources), and Arts Council Long Beach.

Here’s more info on monOrchid.
Read the S.O.S. press release for more information.