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Speculative Materialism: Abstract Art and Its Conditions | D-Block Projects

Speculative Materialism: Abstract Art and Its Conditions

This survey of seventeen abstract artists looks at how abstraction has become a speculative practice in the wake of postmodernism. At the level of form many of the artists included in this show mix different mediums, participate with site-specific concerns and embrace an aesthetic that doesn’t view the architectonic and the organic as mutually exclusive.

Outside of these formal similarities each of the artists in this survey is invested in negotiating a distinct set of conceptual problems that range from kitsch to technology to entropy and beyond. While there is no defining ethos for twenty-first century abstraction the artists in this exhibition continue to provide a relevant set of conditions for continuing to speculate about the nature of the abstract.

Participating Artists: Brandon Anschultz, Seann Brackin, Hollis Cooper, Alan Disparte, David French, Richard Galling, Kent Familton, Steve Hampton, Greg Kozaki, Ashley Landrum, David Michael Lee, Marcus Perez, Alison Rash, Samantha Thomas, Chris Trueman, Grant Vetter and Stephan Walters.

Curated by Grant Vetter

April 7–30, 2011
Reception April 9, 6-9pm

D-Block Projects
(A Phantom Galleries Space)
218 Promenade N
Long Beach, CA 90802

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