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“Open Document”

An experiment in artist-curated exhibitions and documentation.

Opening reception Saturday, June 11, 2011, 6-9pm

Long Beach, CA, June 1, 2011: “Open Document” is an invitation for a select group of artists to self-curate a large-scale exhibition in Downtown Long Beach. The artists were asked to address traditional policies of art institutions to have closed doors during the planning and installation of exhibitions. In response, all phases of the exhibition process have been documented and are available for public viewing. Participating artists include: Janice Gomez, Fatima Hoang, Tucker Neel, Chris Oatey, Jenny Yurshansky, and JEFF&GORDON.

D-Block Projects
218 The Promenade N
Long Beach, CA 90802
Thurs. & Sat. 2pm-6pm or by email appointment.

More info:
Open Document on YouTube

Media Contact:
Email: info@dblockprojects.com
Phone: (949) 290-1035

“Open Document” is supported by FAR (Foundation for Art Resources), Mexicali Biennial, and Phantom Galleries LA.

Allison Alford: Moving in the Technium

Los Angeles-based artist Allison Alford will present work in, Moving in the Technium, a solo show consisting of installation, video and performance opening April 9th at D-Block Projects, Long Beach, CA. In her work, Alford looks at human interactions with digital interfaces out of a curiosity of what happens within the human body while engaging a virtual environment. Body movements from rituals such as martial arts, dance, and bird mating are integrated with the use of iPhone apps, laptop touch pads, Microsoft’s Kinect and Nintendo’s Wii Console. Within these interactions, Alford uses gestures to articulate the multi-faceted relationship between humans and digital devices, and explores the potential for presence and intimacy as mediated by technology. Read Press Release

Speculative Materialism: Abstract Art and Its Conditions

This survey of seventeen abstract artists looks at how abstraction has become a speculative practice in the wake of postmodernism. At the level of form many of the artists included in this show mix different mediums, participate with site-specific concerns and embrace an aesthetic that doesn’t view the architectonic and the organic as mutually exclusive. … Continue Reading

JJ Stevens @ Dark Matter

Artist JJ Stevens presents objects from the “Department of Archeological Oversight,” a fictitious institution which collects unique circa-19th century technological inventions. “Department of Archeological Oversight” is a collaboration between D-Block Projects and Dark Matter Gallery, and was curated by D-Block co-director Jeff Chabot.

Dark Matter Gallery
218 Promenade N
Long Beach, CA 90803

March 12 – March 31, 2011
Hours: Thurs., Sat. 2-6pm or by appointment

View Press Release


“Video: Recycled”
Produced by FAR (Foundation for Art Resources)

Feb. 5 – Feb 28, 2011
Opening Reception Feb. 12, 6pm-9pm
D-Block Projects 218 N Promenade, Long Beach, CA 90802

“Video: Recycled” is an exhibition of contemporary video work from artists who find ways to recycle video, film, and printed material that was presumably made for a different intention. The artists in “Video: Recycled” appropriate moving images, recontextualize content, re-examine the aesthetics of video, and address different methods of presentation. … Continue Reading

“Open Storage” event photos

Check out some photos of our opening exhibition “Open Storage.” Thanks to all the artists who participated!


D-Block Project’s inaugural exhibition.

“Open Storage”

“Open Storage” is an invitation for artists to use D-Block Projects as storage facility and exhibition space for artworks that were being stored in their studios and out of view of the public’s eye. This exhibition draws upon the “open storage” trend found in several museums where storage facilities are opened to the public to see the otherwise private existence of stored art. The open storage experience removes the historical context of works and instead displays work based on the size, logistics of storage and the availability of space.

The exhibition “Open Storage” aims to create a heterogeneous display of artworks that have an intended random association to each other and require the viewer to create a narrative or framework outside of the traditional method of viewing art.

“Open Storage” will be D-Block’s inaugural exhibition and a transitional organization of art works as D-Block begins it’s 2011 programming at 218 The Promenade in Downtown Long Beach, CA.

Artists:  Celine Bayla, Ed Bopp, Jeff Chabot, Ethan Crenson, Emmanuel Crespo, Carla Danes, Chris Danes, Rashell George, Ed Gomez, Fidel Hernandez, Luis G. Hernandez, Ryan Lamb, Ivan Limas, Albert Lopez, Matt MacFarland, Caroline Maxwell, Chris Morales, Mike Rogers, Steve Schmidt, Francesco X. Siqueiros, JJ Stevens, Jason Wallace Triefenbach, and Yalda Yazdanpanah.

Opens: Dec. 11, 2010 (soft opening), Jan. 8, 2011 (Official Opening)
Hours: Saturday, 7pm – 10pm

Visiting Information

Download Press Release

Open call for experimental art

D-Block is currently reviewing experimental and contemporary works for display at our gallery in Long Beach, CA. D-Block is open to all forms of art work including video, sculpture, painting, photography and installation. The gallery space is broken into three main areas which include a main space, hallway, and smaller project space. The large main space has both a dirt floor and cement floor (see diagram). Email proposals to submit at dblockprojects dot com.

Hello Long Beach!

Thanks to Phantom Galleries LB, D-Block Projects is now occupying the back space at 218 N Promenade in Long Beach, CA . We welcome project proposals and submissions of work for consideration in our large alternative space (containing both cement and dirt floors), entryway, hallway, and smaller project space. Take a look at the layout or view photos of the gallery’s exhibition spaces.