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S.O.S. "Save Our States" | D-Block Projects


S.O.S. is a group traveling art exhibition showcasing artists from the states of Arizona and California scheduled for spring 2011. Fostering a relationship between neighboring states whose recent political disagreements stemming from legislations of Prop 1070, the exhibition seeks to explore the issues of personal and political identity, citizenship and the effects of media relations.

S.O.S., or Save Our States, refers to a controversial bill named prop 187 passed in 1994 by the voters of California. The law’s aim was to prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving social services from the state of California. After statewide protests and national threats of boycott, the law was deemed unconstitutional by then-Governor Gray Davis.

The exhibition does not aim to over politicize the legislation of Arizona prop 1070 or California prop 187. Instead it seeks to explore the relationship between bordering states and the dynamic caused by political agendas and sensationalist media. It is meant to be a show of solidarity in a time where partisan politics and hypocrisy overshadow neighborly concepts for the greater good.