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Video: Recycled | D-Block Projects

Video: Recycled

An exhibition produced by FAR – Foundation for Art Resources for D-Block, Long Beach, CA.

Long Beach has a long history of video art, highlighted by the Long Beach Museum of Art that formerly housed one of the largest video art collections in the world. The museum supported and facilitated the work of video artists from the 70’s through the 90’s. FAR (Foundation for Art Resources) often collaborated with the museum to contribute to the presentation and creation of video art in Long Beach. FAR would support video art programs such as the “Video Night Series” and other video and film based events.

The concept for “Video: Recycled” emerged while looking at early artworks that used appropriated materials. In 1913, Picasso did something non-traditional by pasting newspaper clippings on canvases. Four years later, Marcel Duchamp incorporated a picture of the Mona Lisa into one of his works. And, the Dada movement (1916-1923) was essentially characterized by the act of recycling imagery into collage works.

How does the process of recycling materials eventually appear in video art production? Jump to the 1960s and the early work of artist Nam Jun Paik who would create video works that used television and media imagery. His early installations (partially fueled by an anti-television objective) would include appropriated television footage that he warped and collaged.

The exhibition “Video: Recycled” will present the work of artists who find ways to “reuse” or “recycle” film and video material that was presumably made for a different intention. The digital nature of video and photography makes it effortless to copy, integrate and collage content from multiple sources. “Video: Recycled” will address the malleability of video and appropriation in the context of the moving image.

Participating artists include: Sara Ching-Yu Sun, Ben Coonley, Bill Domonkos, Bryan Konesky, Ryan Lamb, Elizabeth Leister, Kelly Sears, Angie Waller and Animal Charm.